Orthodontic Associates of Iowa

Kaci C. Vela, DDS, MS

Orthodontic problems require SPECIALIZED care.  Only trust your smile to a board certified orthodontist. Did you know that orthodontists are dentists who undergo an additional 2-3 years of training AFTER dental school?  Dr. Kaci C. Vela spent 2.5 years after completing her dental training focusing ONLY on orthodontics – the biology of bone remodeling, facial growth and development, the biomechanics of tooth movement and orthodontic diagnosis and treatment planning.  Orthodontic specialists focus SOLELY on ONE thing — creating a perfect smile and functional bite for a lifetime.  We don’t do fillings, caps, crowns, root canals, or dentures.  All we do all day long is move teeth, so that’s why it’s so important to make sure you select an orthodontic specialist for your smile.  

At Orthodontic Associates of Iowa, we take pride in our smiles.  Your smile is a work of art and when you choose our office for your orthodontic journey, you will receive the very best orthodontic care because we are here for one reason – YOU!  Patients who have dental and facial irregularities should see an orthodontic specialist just as you would seek medical care for your heart from a cardiologist or treatment for your skin from a dermatologist. The American Association of Orthodontists recommends that all children see an orthodontist by the age of 7. Our specific qualifications in the design, application and control of metal and clear braces, Invisalign, Incognito hidden braces and removable appliances and retainers will bring teeth, lips and jaws into proper alignment for a functional occlusion / bite relationship, long-term stability and optimal facial balance and esthetics.  

Orthodontic Associates of Iowa is located within Dental Specialists of Iowa, the state-of-the-art dental specialty practice, which houses every dental specialist under one roof and is equipped with the most technologically advanced equipment.  Our exceptional specialty doctors and staff are trained to properly address today’s most demanding dental specialty needs in a warm and caring environment.  We are conveniently located just off of Hwy 218 and Hwy 34 at 1804 E. Washington Street in Mt. Pleasant, Iowa, next to the Community 1st Credit Union and Hy-Vee.  Please feel free to call us at 319-385-5270 or 1-844-74-BRACES (7223) if you have any questions or are interested in learning how you can change your smile and your life today!


Our orthodontic practice is dedicated to providing the highest standard of orthodontic treatment using the most advanced technology in a safe and caring environment. We strive to create an enjoyable patient experience as all of our staff share one goal – patient satisfaction! Your smile is the most important feature of your face and we are here to make it perfect for you!  Orthodontic treatment is a journey and we are confident that you will not only complete your treatment with a beautiful smile tailored to your unique facial features, but will also thoroughly enjoy your experience with us as you become one of our OAI family members. Thank you for the opportunity to serve you!