Impacted and Missing Teeth


A dental impaction results when a tooth gets stuck within the bone. Impactions can be caused by improper positioning of the developing tooth bud, by early loss of primary teeth or when there is not enough space for the tooth to erupt.  Impacted teeth should be corrected because they can:

  • Cause damage to the root structure of adjacent teeth
  • Interfere with the sinus cavity
  • Leave unwanted spaces
  • Lead to improper functioning of the teeth
  • Cause premature wear of the teeth
  • Cause asymmetric alignment of the teeth


The correction of impactions typically involves starting with braces to open space for the impacted tooth and then guiding eruption of the impacted tooth into proper position within the arch.  Impacted teeth may involve a minor surgical procedure performed by our oral surgeons to attach a gold chain that we use to gently pull the impacted tooth into the arch.  At Orthodontic Associates of Iowa we work directly with highly qualified oral surgeons that share our practice philosophy. Because we practice within the same facility at Dental Specialists of Iowa, we have the unique ability to provide our patients with convenient scheduling, coordinated care and reduced cost due to shared patient records.  All of our dental specialists are able to consult on cases on a daily basis and Dr. Kaci can be involved in the actual surgical procedure resulting in improved outcomes for her patients.  


The absence of a tooth or teeth that should normally be present. This can be caused by trauma, lack of development, genetics, tooth decay or gum and periodontal disease.  Missing teeth should be corrected because they can:

  • Cause improper functioning of teeth
  • Cause premature wear of teeth
  • Cause asymmetric alignment of the teeth
  • Make the smile less attractive


Depending upon the situation, the space caused by a missing tooth can often times be closed with braces or opened for tooth replacement such as a bridge or dental implant in the future.

Missing Teeth before photo

Missing Teeth after photo

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