Invisalign® Teen 


Invisalign Teen offers a brand new approach to orthodontics – straightening teeth using clear aligners that are virtually invisible so no one knows you are wearing them!  The aligners can be removed for special events such as choir, band or sports, so Invisalign is the perfect choice for teens with an active lifestyle!  

With Invisalign® Teen, you can:

  • Eat the foods you love without worrying about breaking brackets or loosening wires. Simply remove the aligners while you eat your favorite foods and then put them back in when you are done.

  • Feel Confident. Since Invisalign® Teen aligners are clear, no one know they are there.  

  • Brush and floss as usual to maintain good oral health and fresh breath. Simply remove your aligners to clean your teeth in the morning and evening as you normally would.

  • Participate in your favorite activities without worry.Invisalign® Teen allows you to play sports or a musical instrument without worrying about cutting your mouth.  You can also temporarily replace your aligners with a mouthguard when required for contact sports.

  • Be comfortable!Invisalign® Teen plastic aligners are custom fit for comfort and durability.

With Invisalign® Teen, parents can expect:

  • Compliance. Teen aligners have blue dots that fade when they are worn. If a teen isn’t wearing them, the dots won’t fade. This allows parents to make the most of their investment by ensuring that their teen is wearing the aligners as prescribed: 20-22 hours per day.

  • Affordability. The cost is similar to braces, and a significant portion may be covered by dental insurance. In addition to that,Invisalign® Teen provides six replacement aligners in case they are lost.

Now your teen can have a straighter smile that fits his or her busy lifestyle. Call today to find out more!