oai smile before & after gallery

When you choose OAI for your orthodontic care, Dr. Kaci and all of our staff have 1 goal:  to give you a PERFECT SMILE and FUNCTIONAL BITE to last a lifetime!  Anyone can straighten the front teeth, but there is SO MUCH MORE that goes into creating beautiful, healthy smiles.  At OAI we don’t just fix the “social six” front teeth like many chain orthodontic offices or mail-order orthodontic companies do as they are based on quantity – not QUALITY care.  Dr. Kaci  and our entire team have each patient’s best interest at heart, so be assured that when you choose OAI for your smile, you are receiving the highest standard quality of orthodontic care available.  We take the extra time to make sure every tooth is properly positioned and each individual tooth shape is ideal to create the most esthetic smile that is balanced with each patients’ unique facial features.  In addition, we also address the occlusion and coordinate the arches to ensure the bite is fitting together properly, which is extremely important to prevent irreversible tooth wear and achieve ideal function and stability long-term.  We take serious PRIDE in our smiles.  Your smile is our trademark, so come join the perfect smile club at OAI!   

We are so THANKFUL to all of our patients who chose us for their orthodontic care and helped us achieve an awesome end result!  All patients were treated by Dr. Kaci Vela and staff and gave consent to sharing their beautiful smiles.  All photos were taken the day their treatment was complete and NO cosmetic restorative work was done unless specifically noted on the photo.  

Check out these beautiful OAI smiles by Dr. Kaci and Staff…